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Piecing the future

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

I announced earlier today that I will be closing the Windsor Street location at the end of October this year. I wanted to provide a little context.

The singular focus of this business is to provide creators and families a place to come to express themselves. Our little boutique has been that place for the last 18 months.

We have met the most amazing people who have supported us, and welcomed us on their creative journey. It has been amazing learning and growing with you all.

We have seen a need in the community for us to serve those around us in a bigger way. The coziness of our little boutique is what makes us unique but to fill that need in the community we will need more space.

About a year ago I started thinking through how I could better serve you. Peeking through windows around town to see to find the right fit for you and for me.

Earlier this month, we thought we found the perfect location and we started the process of securing the location. Sadly, that deal did not work out the way we wanted. In the process, we have now found ourselves still closing the current boutique, but looking for a permanent location.

This process is a tedious, and emotional, but overall I know that it is the right direction for this little shop.

I'm taking the time to choose the right place, so that I can really provide all of you creators a place you can come, sit for a while and spend some time with folks who speak the same crazy craft language.

We are very close to settling on a location. I trust God to provide the right space at the right time.

What I need now more than ever is your continued support as we walk this out. Our online store will remain open throughout the transition, and the Windsor street location will continue to operate normal business hours.

This is a crossroads, not an end. Change is good. I believe in my customers creators, I believe in this vision, and I am going to see it through. I will keep you posted on progress of this transition... stay with me, as we take this ride.

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