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Behind the Scenes: Sourcing our Craft Store Inventory

Have you ever wondered where the unique treasures in our store come from? In this blog post, we're pulling back the curtain and sharing the diverse ways we curate our inventory, from thrift store finds to generous donations and everything in between.

1. Thrifted Treasures:

Our journey often begins with thrift store adventures. Exploring local shops, we uncover hidden gems in the most unexpected places. From fabric to crafting supplies, these thrifted treasures form the foundation of our inventory, adding character and variety to our store.

2. Gifted Goodies:

Generosity knows no bounds! Crafters often share their surplus with us, whether downsizing their craft space or managing a loved one's estate. These gifted donations inject a personal touch into our collection, creating a community-driven experience for our customers.

3. Estate Sale Finds:

Estate sales are gold mines for unique crafting supplies. Our team scours these events for hidden treasures, occasionally buying out entire craft rooms. The result? A curated selection that reflects the passion and history of fellow crafters.

4. Consignments (On a Larger Scale):

While we're selective about consignments due to our store's diverse inventory, we do engage in larger-scale consignments. This approach helps us maintain clarity and organization in our store, ensuring that every item finds its rightful place.

5. Exciting Buyback Program:

Get ready for spring cleaning! Our buyback program, returning in February, provides crafters with the opportunity to turn their excess stash into cash. Make an appointment, bring in your items, and receive cash on the spot. It's like a treasure hunt for both sellers and buyers!

How to Participate:

If you're interested in selling your stash through our buyback program, head to our website, to schedule an appointment. Save time by letting us know what you plan to sell before your visit!

At 923 Fabrics & Crafts, our commitment to a diverse and ever-changing inventory is what makes us your go-to destination for unique crafting finds. Join us on this journey, and who knows, you might uncover that elusive crafting gem you've been searching for!

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