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Knitting for the first time

Knitting for the First Time

SKU: 9781402717666

"Knitting for the First Time" is the perfect companion for anyone eager to embark on a creative journey with needles and yarn. Authored with the novice knitter in mind, this book gently introduces the fundamental techniques needed to master the art of knitting. From casting on to binding off, every step is explained in clear, concise language accompanied by helpful illustrations. Dive into the world of knitting with confidence as you learn how to create basic stitches and combine them to craft a variety of simple yet stylish projects. Whether you're dreaming of cozy scarves, adorable baby blankets, or fashionable accessories, this book provides the guidance and inspiration to turn your knitting aspirations into reality. With each project, you'll gain valuable skills and unlock the joy of bringing handmade warmth and beauty into your life.

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