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Why specialty craft stores are important

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

I never gave it a lot of thought until today, but specialty crafts stores are so important to crafters. And we are a dying breed.

Last month we hosted a Mixed Media Card making class and it was Awesome! I learned how to make my own paper designs then pair it down to create a beautiful personalized card.

I wanted to keep the momentum going by creating some wall art for the store. Little did I know I was setting myself up for a frustrating afternoon.

I went to Michael's, a big box store by comparison to my little boutique. I wanted to find some paper and specialty elements for this project. What I found was a lot of stuff but nothing special. As I walked from aisle to aisle I realized that these big box stores have a huge variety of craft supplies but it's all so commercial. I wanted some unique embellishment to add or some unusual papers to choose from, and Michael's was just not providing that for me.

In addition to being surrounded by all the "wrong" stuff, I knew if I stopped one of the workers to ask for an opinion or guidance there was a good chance they would not know enough about any particular craft to be helpful. Sometimes you find someone who knows their stuff, but most times it is hit or miss. They just know where the departments are.

I started to realize that all I wanted to do was jump in my car and go either to my little shop or over to out friends at Paper Crafters Muse. I knew I'd find just the right thing for this project. Not only that but they would walk me through finding the right paper, glue and other materials for the craft. There's nothing like the personal touch

As I walked out of the store I thought to myself, wow imagine how many of us are out there looking for something special for our quilt, or scrapbook or sweater, and all we find is the same ole thing at the big box stores.

Thank goodness for the small business specialty shops all over town. They help us keep creativity creative. But we are a dying breed.

Often we are over shadowed by online shopping or even the big box stores. It is so important to remember the personal touch when it comes to crafting. A store where you can touch, feel, find something unusual or special.

We are holding on out there, waiting for you to stop by, pull up a chair, and chat a while about your new project. Let's brain storm together, or just admire each other's skills.

Small crafting specialty shops are a sanctuary for creatives. I'm going to do my part to keep them going. Are you?

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Jacinda, I enjoyed meeting you today, and seeing your wonderfully creative pieces throughout the store! You’re so right about having a sanctuary of items with which to be creative! In my opinion, it makes our projects much more personal and beautiful! I loved the inspiration you gave me. I love your store! Lisa G.

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