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Wait dont throw that away!

I'm gearing up for a yard sale Next month. Purging your craft supplies is so hard. Every time I look in a box it's a new treasure uncovered. But with a packed store, a packed storage unit the dining room and a full bookcase in my kids room, some of it has got to go.

I was brought up in a family where we saved and reused everything. We passed down clothes, toys, beds. Reused tin cans, fabrics from old clothes, wood items. I remember being quite the inventor back in the day. Of course that is way

before recycling was a thing. Later they started the recycling campaigns in our area where we could gather bottles and cans and take them down to the local grocery store in exchange for money. A nickel a piece! Big money for a kid.

In addition my mom loved to go to thrift stores, the Salvation Army was one of her go-tos, along with the thrift store at St Bridget's Church. Mom kept everything, and because she did, she always had a book or and item that fit any conversation. Woman’s Day magazines that had recipes or patterns we could go back and reference. Or just a little something to brighten ones mood, mom had it at the ready.

So the idea of throwing stuff out is a nonstarter for me. Even preparing for a yard sale is hard. What’s worse is that I’m preparing for a craft supply yard sale. Whoa, nearly everything I'm selling has purpose or a use, and is mostly still in good shape. The problem is, too much stuff and not enough days in a lifetime to use it all.

I need to say to myself, yes it’s still good, yes it has value, yes I can use it for something, but maybe someone else can use it too. I remember that my mother didn’t keep those things so that she could treasure them, she kept them with the hope that she would run into someone she could give it to.

it’s time to pass on some of this stuff to the next person. I guess I’m packing the boxes for the yard sale this week…

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