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Unboxing a Destash

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

I got in a DeStash box today. It's always exciting to review what's in the box. There's a nice variety in this one I'll share a bit here, then prepare the items for ReStash.

This box came from @thekraftychick who reached out to us on Instagram. They scheduled a one on one DeStash session to sell some the surplus they had lying around.

We scored some goodies and they got some cash. With the Christmas rush it took a while for this box to arrive but now that it's here let's see what's inside.

  • Two 5x7 fancy wood frame mounts and two 3x4 white wall plaques. These would be great for personalized décor or backing for your favorite pictures.

  • A few sets of wooden embellishments, these would be great with the frame mounts

  • Scrap fabric. I will bundle these into 1 lb. scrap bags and cut the African print into snack cake rolls...mmm delicious.

  • Buttons galore. How many uses can you find for buttons? I can think of quite a few.

  • Ribbons. And trim of various sizes and widths.. very nice

  • Finally, a ribbon box, great for keeping things organized.

This was a pretty simple but fun box to explore.

Keep checking the site for these additions to the ReStash shop. If you are looking to unload a few things book an appointment now to get started.


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