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Springtime on my mind

Okay so I know it's January and we just celebrated the new year but I'm in spring mode now... Thinking about the colors the freshness in the air. All the things that make Spring a breath of fresh air.

For us Spring used to signal our annual road trip to New York. We would always coordinate around Spring break, school schedules, and other family, so we could all be together.

As the kids got older things changed, the world changed with it, but those spring trips were an opportunity for all of us as a family to be together to share special memories. If there is one thing I can say about my family we find a way to share something special.

My sister is a paper crafter, last year we held a class to teach basic scrapbook techniques. Using the Spring Market paper kit by Echo Park she put together pages to remember our Easter visit to New York in 2013.

This simple layout was perfect for commemorating one of the last family gatherings before the passing of the matriarch of our family, my Grandmother. The vivid color, the bright hues just scream Spring. The subtle use of wood grain reminds me of the creaky floors of Grandma's house. This paper captures the essence of the visit that year.

This year because of the pandemic we were unable to travel but my sister still found a way to bring us all together. Using the leftover paper and embellishments from Spring Market, this Christmas she designed cookbooks for each household.

Such a brilliant use of leftover supplies, with a memorable result. The feeling of home again resonates from pages, that now display my Grandmother's recipes. Secrets that I now get to pass on to my daughters. The simple design and layout complements the spirit of this keepsake.

We may not always be able to travel but crafting is definitely a way to bring us together.

How do you capture memories with your spare craft supplies?

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