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Put in 15! Declutter Challenge

Today is day one of the Declutter challenge with Just Get It Done Quilts. I have to say that just getting off my rump starting was hard.

I mean first of all we stayed up till midnight to ring in the new year. Then of course it's new years day so, lazy day right? But I said I would do it so I put in my 15 minutes.

Today's focus is Trash!... and I've got plenty.

Today I only worked on my shelf space, I will put in another 15 later for the desk. This was a bit less intimidating, as it was more of an organized mess.

I got through the top pretty quick, and I'm going to be honest it was really easy to throw stuff away. I was kind of surprised and how well I was able to load up the trash bag. I even threw away fabric scraps and scrap bias tape!

I found a few things along the way that I can bring to the shop and sell, whoo hoo inventory! And this book Journey to the Center of the earth. I used to love reading these little books as a kid, my eldest daughter got into reading with these, and I was hopeful to get Izzy engaged in the classics too... she's not quite there yet.

The 15 minutes went by fast, I even added another 10 minutes so I could finish getting stuff off the floor under the desk.

I filled a whole bag and brought that small space back into order. I don't know if I need 21 days... maybe just a few 15 min sessions.

Then again, when I look at that final picture I realize.. I have toomuch stuff on the top surface, so I still have some work to do.

Let me know how it's going for you in the comments!

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