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Mother's Day ideas

As always when Mothers Day comes around I struggle to come up with ideas for my mom that would truly show her my appreciation. So I wanted to share a few ideas for those of you who run into the same problem I do.

This first idea is Sew cute!. It's a mug caddy for the quilter/ sewer in your life. Uses just a little bit of fabric and a lot of love. Sew Can She has a great pattern you can use. Turn it up a notch and use fabric that can incorporate her favorite color, animal or television show!

Also for the quilter this delightful pin cushion with numbered pins by Diary of a Quilter. Personalize the fabric, add some lace and even the beads used with the pearl head pins, to make the perfect elegant gift for Mom.

Do you have a Needle Art enthusiast in you life?

Try a yarn bouquet. You can include her favorite brand, or weight of yarn. Use Knitting needles as stems as suggested by Fiber Flux, or incorporate floral stems as recommended by Repeat Crafter Me. Either way, nothing beats getting new supplies as a gift.

Finally for the Scrap booker in your life, try a gift in a jar. The Scrap Shoppe has a cute idea for putting all the right things in place just for mom.

After it's all said and done, Mom will love what ever you choose. So don't get too overwhelmed trying to find just the right thing. Take it from me a Mother of 4 - it's all good.

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