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Mixed Media Journey

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

  • Recently I've gotten into mixed media crafting. This is a variation of card making that doesn't exclusively use paper. You can incorporate any item of any kind into your piece.

I have to admit, my first encounter with mixed media left me feeling overwhelmed. Too many options, flowers, buttons, ephemera, rhinestones, fabric, ribbon, stickers...anything. It was creativity over load! But I have to say the results were really neat.

Each card we made at the class was different from the other. Each person was

able to add a different twist to the same theme. Sometimes simply turning a piece of paper sideways makes all the difference in how the piece appears.

I decided I would try some small projects in my own like Christmas cards tags and a few wall designs, using a simple theme, then building around it with random objects. Following just the basic principles, I think I did okay.

Over the winter break I took my exploration to the next level and made an Explosion box calendar. Every panel represents a month, chock full of Bits Bobbles and Ephemera that highlight each month. Pictures don't serve it justice! There's a video of the full box out on our Pinterest page.

I'm finding that although it takes a little longer to put a project together the results are So worth it.

So here I am about a year later and I am still dabbling in Mixed Media. In fact I've now launch