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Life imitates inspiration

Finding inspiration for crafting doesn't always require grand experiences or exotic locations. In fact, inspiration can be found in the most ordinary of moments in our everyday lives. Here are three ways to find crafty inspiration in your daily routine:

  1. Take a closer look at your surroundings. Look around you and take note of the colors, textures, and patterns that surround you. Even the most mundane objects like a leaf or a brick wall can inspire a new project. Take a picture or make a sketch of what catches your eye. One of the things I love to do is shop markets, and antique shops. There are always so many unusual things that can spark an idea for a new project.

2. Explore your hobbies and interests. What do you love to do? Whether it's hiking, baking, or playing music, your hobbies and interests can inspire your creative projects. For example, if you love hiking, you can create a nature-inspired scrapbook or a wall hanging made from found objects on your hikes. I recently took a trip to the beach, it was a great way to factory reset my inspiration.

3. Embrace the imperfections. Life isn't perfect, and neither are our crafting projects. Instead of striving for perfection, embrace the imperfections and use them to your advantage. A crooked stitch or a smudge of paint can add character and uniqueness to your projects.

By taking a closer look at our surroundings, exploring our interests, and embracing imperfections, we can find inspiration in the ordinary moments of our lives. So next time you're feeling stuck in your crafting, take a step back and look at the world around you - you never know what might inspire your next masterpiece!

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