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Learning to Appreciate Mom

Ever so often I get a client who is looking to figure out what was it about crafting that their Mom loved so much. Some times they are just looking to destash supplies, other times, the more special interactions the client wants to learn more about it. Recently I worked with Debbie. She came into the shop, and we talked about her fond memories of her mother sewing, quilting, creating. Debbie shared that her mother left behind a huge stash of fabric, and some unfinished projects as well. Debbie had little or no experience with quilting so she looked to me for advice. I recommend a mashup quilt- take the squares from the different projects and see them together. That way it will honor the life work of her mother.

Intrieged Debbie signed up for my Quilting 1 class. She brought her mother’s featherweight and a stash of fabric. It was fortunate that she was the only one in class that night, because what started out as a quilting class became a new appreciation for her mother’s craft, and a little walk down memory lane. That night Debbie learned how to use her mother’s Featherweight machine, threading loading the bobbin as well as the basics of quilting.

After a quick walk through of machine basics we dove into her stash… It was a thrill to pour through the quilt blocks and fabrics she found in her mother’s stash. Hearing the stories and memories as she reviewed the pieces. As she pulled out a stack of blocks she would reminisce about who the quilt was made for, what was the occasion and her memory of mom sewing the pieces.

We found two pieces that reminded her of both her mother and her late brother, who served in missions in Africa. We both agreed, that would be the right project to honor her family with. Beautiful African ladies adorned the piece and coordinating fabric with the black and gold. We giggled with excitement.

A simple table runner. Not the most glamorous project, nor was it overly complicate. It was the right project to learn the simple aspects of quilting and give Debbie a sense of connection to her family.

Today is my mother’s birthday. I learned all of the creative things that I do from her, watching her mirroring her. My mother is an amazing woman, raising three girls on a shoe string budget. Making a dollar out of $0.15. We learned who to recycle save reuse, create, express ourselves in so many creative ways. She’s taught us how to use a basic pattern and shape to make it our own and build upon something old to make it new and better. She instilled in me that creativity is something to be shared with others. That it connects us, through the generations.

Debbie had the rare opportunity to reconnect with her mother that night. I hope it inspires her to pass on the same passion to the next generation…thank you Debbie for sharing your journey with me.

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