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It's an early Spring

I don't pay much attention to the Groundhog, but it was 60 degrees today and it's February. That can only mean that Spring is coming early... right?

Well even if that is not so, I'm going to start celebrating Spring, starting with some Homespun fabrics I acquired about a week ago through a De-Stash session.

Although there was a lot of scrap included in the batch, there were some really great prints included in there.

I'm a city girl, but there is something about these country prints that warm me up and get me ready to see the wild flowers of spring time. Mix up the lemonade, grab a seat on the porch and let's get started on some projects.

Over the weekend I started making some quilt strips, 6x6 squares and scrap rope... More to get through, more to come, but take a look at this great collection of prints!

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