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It’s all in the detail?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

I started quilting about a year ago, and it has become something I turn to for relaxation and fun. I’ve challenged myself to try new techniques and to reach further as I learn more.

Anyone who knows anything about quilting knows, that there are rules to the

game: 1/4 Seam allowance, locking

corners, squaring off your blocks. What I found was it was frustrating trying to follow all the rules and complete a project. I wanted to feel like I was accomplishing something, and completing a project. So I decided to have fun first, and master the rules later. Throwing the rules out the window took the pressure off. Wonky lines, mismatched fabrics, uneven lines, it all became part of the "design". Once I decided to let go, I began to enjoy quilting more and more, and each time I create a quilt I get better.

Don’t get me wrong I still strive to get my corners to match, my points to lock and all that, but I don’t let those detail stop me from moving forward to finish my piece. Those details are the happy accidents.

Have fun first, Master the details later!

I’m learning to embrace the uniqueness of my creativity, because honestly in the eyes of the one who will receive the quilt as a gift they will adore the imperfection. They will treasure it because you made it. If the back of my wall quilt has tension issues sew what it will be on a wall.

I’m not looking to enter a contest or impress the world with my quilts I just want to sew. I want to create something beautiful, or beautifully messy with my two hands. The details that we sew desire to see are found in time care and thought we put into making each piece.

Maybe one day I will master the details, and make something that can be hung in some museum in some big city. For now I’m happy to display my work in the Scarborough private gallery, an exclusive collection.

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