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Get Messy Outside

The change to the weather gets me spending more time outside in the spring air. I'm not really one for being outside all the time but I do love the feeling of the warm sun on my face.

When I was young my mom would give us one of Daddy's old shirts and set up finger painting in the back yard. Smart move keeping the mess outdoors. I remember getting gooey then hosing off before going back in for lunch. Great memories.

I'm always looking for opportunities to keep my little bonus baby busy and boy does she love to be outside.

Something we had fun with last year were our weekly kids craft events. We would set up the tent outside the shop on a Saturday morning and host a drop in craft for kids. It was perfect for families who were just out getting some air in the morning. We hosted a variety of projects from pony beads to rock painting.

This year we will kick off our kids crafts right around Easter with some egg decorating activities.

As I sit here watching her play outside the shop today I guess I'm a little excited for the spring and summer to come. I know she can't wait to get started and get messy!

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