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Declutter Day 2- return to sender

So today the challenge was all about returning items to where they belong.

As I've shared, my little sewing space is in my bedroom, so it has become a rest stop for sweaters, dresses, tee shirts and other stuff.

Much like others who have a treadmill in their room, the chair has become a closet, which is discouraging when I'm ready to sew. I'm also supposed to use this space for work when I'm at home.

I generally sit on my bed cause I don't want to move all that.

Ok set the timer... let's reclaim this space and return these sweaters to whence they came!

If you know me I love a good sweatshirt, or tee shirt with leggings. I have a few items to put way... oh look! There's a chair under there!

I found this beauty on Wayfair a few years back. I just love the patchwork patter, it's so fitting... Don't get distracted back to work.

On to the desk... time is running short so I think I'll just stick to the surface in front of the monitor.

Level unlocked!

Okay now I'll go back and put those clothes away. I think I'm doing pretty good!

Let me know how you're doing

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