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Create with Denim

When I think of denim I think of casual comfort with a little dash of rugged appeal. Denim is a classic, that has been used over the years for a variety of project types. Popular ideas even include recycled denim, reusing blue jeans for handbags and other small projects.

Looking for a jacket upgrade? This piece is for you! Made from a multitude of airbrushed scraps this jacket is the perfect way to add some color into your fall/winter wardrobe. The sleeves are lined with a soft felt to add a layer of warmth.

New designers like Desiree Scarborough have invented new ways to use Denim in the world of fashion,

I am the Spotted Zebra has created these amazing earrings.

Start Sewing has a few great projects and tutorials:

No matter your skill set, there is a denim project for you. Start small, or go big but get started on something fun.

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