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Closing a chapter

I remember how I felt the first time I saw my logo on the

window of our Windsor street location. It was surreal seeing it in full color. I felt like this was the beginning of something big. And it was.

The journey that had started back in 2018 was really beginning to take shape as a physical store. I knew this was an opportunity of a lifetime.

It took a lot of creative energy to bring this it life, but just like any other project, it's full of passion, personality and purpose.

Looking back at the early days,.. just starting out with just a few things... and it grew.

At just over 300 square feet, a crafter's dream. A little of this, a little of that our craft boutique chock full of goodies.

Our Needle Craft perfect for the seasoned fiber artist, or even someone who may be just starting out.

The Paper Craft department , just chock full of paper, embellishments, punches and stamps

And finally the Fabric section, full with a beautiful variety of country prints, denim, ribbon, buttons, and notions!

It's funny looking at these pictures, I hardly recognize the shop- it has grown so much since then. Each of the areas are much more full and vibrant. We are bursting at the seams these days.

I only had 1 vintage sewing machine in the store back then - now I have about 10 displayed around the shop. - They get their own space too...

I can't wait to share with all of you this new space, which we can enjoy together. Sit, create and relax.

I hope to see you there... stay tuned for more updates.

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