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Add some color to your holiday table

I recently did a live video to walk through some tips and tricks for creating a floral design for your holiday table.

Handing out some quick tips and tricks to add some color without loosing your mind or breaking the bank.

Tip number 1: You don't have to spend a ton of money on flowers!

It's so easy to fall into the trap of heading over to the big box stores and falling in love with those pricey floral. At $5-$6 stem that can really add up. Instead of racking up those cost your first time out, head on over to Dollar Tree and grab some flowers for your arrangement. You can also pick up a few pieces from Walmart as well. While the quality of the flower may not be on the same level as the other guys - you can still create something that is beautiful for a fraction of the cost.

Tip Number 2: Choose the right Vessel

It can be fun picking out a vessel for your arrangement, but make sure you are choosing something that is going to work for your vision.

If you are anything like me, the vision is often just outside of my skillset. I think to myself "I can do that", and then I proceed to bite off way more than I can chew.

Slow down, take a step back, think about what you are looking to accomplish, and take baby steps. Don't go too small, so that your finished product is not dwarfed on the table, but also don't go too big, cause that's a lot of space to fill. Also something that is too grandiose will create a blind spot on your table if you use it as a center piece. So think middle ground. Not too big, not too small.

Tip number 3: Make sure you buy enough foam!

Now I have a preference - I like the dry foam mostly because it's very forgiving when you need to adjust a flower as you are building your arrangement. If you chose to use the plastic foam stuff, that's cool too, it's a little too squeaky for my taste, and it leaves bigger holes, which makes it difficult for later adjustments of your flowers. What ever you choose, make sure that you have enough to fill your vessel from side to side, and up to about an inch from the brim. If you don't have enough foam, your stems won't have anything to grab onto, and you will find yourself with floating stems. Even if you are using chicken wire for a large arrangement, the foam is still what the stems need to plug into.

Tip number 4: Don't be afraid to choose flowers from different seasons.

One of the things I loved most about my fall florals was the use of spring flowers in the mix. Those small bursts of color really added to vision I was creating.

Purist would say that those flowers don't bloom in the same season, I say, have a little fun with your arrangement. With artificial flowers, you don't have to be concerned with flowers being out of season, you can shop by color, or mood.

I think adding those additional flowers and textures makes the arrangement more dynamic. So break the rules a little bit here, and add in a few flower types that are not in season. Include berries and pics. Those added features will bring additional interest to your centerpiece.

Tip number 5: Don't skimp on the green!

You may be tempted to only by flowers, and no greenery- but honestly the greenery is what makes the arrangement pop! Think of the greenery as your canvas that your colors will need to stand out from. When you buy your leafy greens or picks - get a variety of styles and colors. Long short, light green dark green, you never know what will fit your fancy in the moment. One my favorite greens to have in my arrangements in eucalyptus leaves. They seem to go with everything! For Christmas or winter arrangements, you can't go wrong with some pine needle. But just like the flowers, be creative and choose something out of the box.

I'm no expert on floral arrangements, but these tips have helped to make this easy, fun and inexpensive for me. I hope these help - I can't wait to see what you create!

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