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Add a pop of Valentine color

I have not been much of a Valentine's Day person over the years. But the pop of color around the house seems to lighten one's step. I was thinking about some quick fun projects that I could do that would bring that pop to my home, so off to Pinterest to find some great ideas.

Most of the projects are simple ideas that can be completed in an hour or less, which is perfect for my busy schedule. Not to mention, small items are better when I'm ready to put them away for next time.

Here are a few that I found:

First up, grab a canvas from Dollar Tree, some Buttons and a glue gun to create this really neat accent for your space. A simple design that can be personalized in a number of ways.

This one would make a fun project for the kids. I know my little one loves to sort buttons.

Why not drape a little color across a wall or mantle. Nothing say's Valentines Day like heart garland.

This is a super cute design that uses yarn wrapped around cardboard. Get creative with the colors you choose to really make it pop!

My Sanity Project has a great tutorial that uses: Yarn, Scissors, Cardboard, Glue Gun, and Glue sticks.

Add some romance with candles. This design has a country feel but still does the trick and simple to make.

Ribbon, Candles, and Candlesticks... done..

Dining Delight included these in their list of must haves for a romantic get away..

Finally these little cuties. Grab a bowl and fill it with these adorable fabric stuffed hearts.

Quick and easy to make, and with the right combination of fabric you can really add some color and creativity to your space.

Check out the no sew tutorial by Cottage at the Crossroads.

I think I will give a few of these a try. I will let you know how it goes!


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